Breaking the Mold: Clubs on Campus (Outdoor Exploration)


Photo courtesy Outdoor Exploration Club.

When seniors Angela Chen and Megana Bobba started the Outdoor Exploration Club, they had one main goal in mind: to provide a relaxing, laid-back atmosphere for its members.

“We want it to be a fun and kind of low-key club that just gave people the outlet and the opportunity to take that time out of their day and go outdoors and appreciate all that we have,” Angela said.

The club hopes to foster an appreciation of nature through group hikes and excursions, which will be planned by the members.

“We really wanted there to be something on campus that promoted the love of the outdoors,” Angela said.

This year, the club set a goal to plan a larger-scale backpacking trip in Yosemite that will last several days. In addition, an increased emphasis will be placed on environmental volunteer work in the community.

The club plans to meet on Mondays in room 701 and is advised by science teacher Trina Lee. Meetings will involve discussing potential excursion locations and organizing transportation methods. Those involved with the Outdoor Exploration Club hope the experience will have lifelong benefits.

“If people have the opportunity to go out and appreciate all that is around us… they’re going to be more conscious of the decisions they’re making as far as being… environmentally conscious.” Angela said.