Brazilian Educators Visit School

The administrative faculty from a variety of Brazilian schools throughout the country came to visit the school campus today, May 8. They hoped to get a look at the campus life at different schools in the United States in order to improve their educational system in their country.

The faculty visited other schools in Los Altos such as Bullis Charter School and Foothill Community College.

The school staff members showed the Brazilian visitors different classes offered at the school. Unable to speak English, the visitors had a translator within each group who travelled with them to observe multiple classes. During lunch, several students noticed them taking pictures of campus life.

In comparison to the United States, Brazilian schools require all their students to take mandatory courses. The administration was surprised to discover that each student here in school has a varying schedule. They were also amazed with the hands-on classes offered at school, including the culinary course.

By getting a taste of the education in foreign countries, the Brazilian school faculty was looking to find possible ways to fundraise money for their public schools. Their main purpose, however, of dropping by LAHS for a short time was to get a general idea of a plan to improve their students’ academic experience in high school.