Boys Volleyball Falls to More Experienced Homestead in First Round of CCS

The boys varsity volleyball team’s CCS run suffered a premature end today, May 7, as Los Altos fell to Homestead High School in three tough sets. The team had gained momentum after Friday’s league victory over Fremont High School and its entry into CCS. Tonight, however, that momentum slowed as the skills that the Mustangs brought to the game overpowered that of the Eagles.

The boys kept the score close in the beginning of the first and second sets, but faltered when Homestead overpowered them in serving rotations. Homestead built insurmountable leads with these serving rotations and won the first two sets in this fashion.

The third set saw an Eagle comeback. After adjusting to Homestead’s tough serves and strong outside hitters, the team went into its third game with what freshman Nathan Smith said was a “peak performance.” Homestead’s resilient libero, setter and outside hitter combination proved to be the Eagle’s downfall. The Eagles tried hard to shut down the Mustang offense, but Homestead’s experienced libero capitalized on his experience and got around Los Altos’ defense. Despite their efforts, the Eagles lost the third match in the final points of the set.

Senior Spencer Simonides said the loss had more to do with Homestead’s strength and experience than with the Eagles’ skill level.

“I think we did well fighting to stay in it and giving them a run for their money,” Spencer said. “We put our heart and soul into the effort.”

Nonetheless, to say that the Eagles had a brilliant run would be an understatement. The boys volleyball was entirely nonexistent a year ago and barely saw enough players sign up at the beginning of the season. Yet even after spotty recruitment, inexperience, and other difficulties, the Eagles found their way and steamrolled through nearly every opponent in the league, ending the season with an unprecedented record of 11-3 and advancing to CCS. Although the first season of the boys volleyball team is over, returning players look forward to next year’s season and hope to continue forward in the league and in CCS.

“The important thing is we played with heart,” Nathan said. “I loved being on a team with these guys, and my only regret tonight is that the season is over.”