Boys Volleyball Defeats Sacred Heart

The boy volleyball team put on an impressive performance tonight, April 16, defeating Sacred Heart in just three sets.

The first set started off tight, with back and forth scoring from both sides. Los Altos pulled ahead towards the middle of the set and gained momentum with a scoring run. After winning several points in a row, the Eagles ended the set 25-13.

The Eagles rode on their momentum into the second set, but Sacred Heart held their ground. The set was close again towards the middle, with Sacred Heart leading by a small amount. The Eagles tied the game at 16-16, and then soared off with a 9-point run. They finished the set with a 25-16 victory.

“We played smart and passed the ball very well,” senior John Dai said. “We were able to have really good sets and put continuous pressure on them.”

The third set was close all the way through, and Sacred Heart fought to prevent the game from slipping away. However, the Eagles refused to extend the game, and pulled away with a 25-23 victory.

The Eagles showed off great team play tonight, and looked dominant both offensively and defensively. Heading into the second half of their season, the team can certainly take many good things away from the victory tonight.

“In this match we definitely played well and were able to keep our opponents off balance,” John said. “Going into the next games, we just have to clean up our mistakes and keep on focusing on the next game.”