Boys Varsity Basketball Loses to Leland 51-58

The boys varsity basketball team lost to the Leland Hgih School Chargers during its first game of the season tonight, November 26. Throughout the first half, the Eagles held a tight lead, ending with a five point lead when going into halftime. However, the team couldn’t close in the second half, and ultimately fell to Leland 51-58.

Although much of the crowd consisted of Leland supporters, the rest of the spectators still held onto the Eagle spirit and cheered whenever a player made a basket. The Chargers made one late push during the second half, pulling forward to 58 points against the Eagle’s 51.

“We came out with some amount of intensity,” junior Mike Hua said. “We started not doing the little things we had to do [in the second half] like keeping pressure on offense, not rushing.”