Boys Tennis Team Starts Off on the Wrong Foot

The varsity boys tennis team will most likely have a challenging season after losing its number one singles player and multiple doubles players to graduation. In combination with how competitive the Santa Clara De Anza Division is, the team’s CCS chances look slim.
“We probably have the toughest league in the state,” varsity boys tennis coach Cuong Duong said.
In tennis, there are two methods for qualifying for CCS: as a team or as individuals. To make it to CCS as an entire team, a team must do exceptionally well in its league matches and at least contend for the title. According to Duong, “our chances are not very good.”
To qualify for CCS, individual singles and doubles players must compete in an end-of-season league tournament, which sends only the winners to CCS. Each school can send only two singles players and two doubles teams to the tournament. Though Duong believes his players’ individual chances are greater than their chances as a team, he still believes it will be very difficult and will require lots of hard work and improvement.
“I don’t think their chances are very high of making it to CCS because there are a lot of good players [in our league],” Duong said.
The team did not send individual players to CCS last year either, due to the highly competitive nature of the league and the tournament.
Nonetheless, Duong asserted that he believes the team will “be competitive” throughout its league schedule. Additionally, with many key players being juniors or sophomores, Duong believes there is high potential for improvement throughout the season.
“We have a very young team,” Duong said. “Most of these guys don’t have varsity level experience. Hopefully they’ll grow as the season moves forward. [Also] we have lots of new doubles teams. I don’t know how they’re going to play together.”
Duong believes the outlook for the league schedule is positive, but he feels that the team is going to have trouble finding true number one and number two players to compete with the best of the other teams and make a run in the league tournament.
Nonetheless, Duong believes that this team’s attitude and work ethic bode well for the season.