Boys Tennis Defeats Los Gatos 4-3

Boys tennis defeated Los Gatos 4-3 on Tuesday, April 5 at the Los Gatos tennis courts. Although the team has defeated Los Gatos before, it had an injured player and the lineup was moved up.

“We didn’t know what to expect because while we beat them last time, they have a sick player returning and we have an injured player ourselves,” sophomore John Dai said.

LAHS managed to win its number one doubles (seniors Justin Koelher and Greg Dwulet), number two doubles (senior Alex Kellogg and freshman Brandon Holt), and number three doubles (sophomore John Dai and freshman Christian Beck) doubles, as well as its number four singles (freshman Dhruv Madhok). Sophomore Lenoy Avidan was supposed to play number four singles but couldn’t due to an injury. Despite the injury, many of the matches were extremely close.

“Our second singles [sophomore Anthony Bello] fought hard in a comeback in the second set and managed to split but was outlasted in the third,” John said. “Fourth singles played a strenuous battle of endurance. First doubles held on against a fierce comeback by their opponents in the second set. Second doubles was an all-around close game. Third doubles came back from a deficit in the first set and won 6-4, 6-0.”

Overall, the game was well played despite a last minute injury and an unexpected line-up change.

“I think that this game was a valuable experience for the team,” John said. “We pulled off a win against a tough team with us at a disadvantage, so this game tested our dedication. Every time we play we gain more experience. Since injuries are unpredictable and can strike a player at any time, even during CCS, this match strengthened our ability to improvise.”