Boys Soccer Ties 0-0 With Saratoga Falcons

The boys varsity soccer team faced off against the Saratoga Falcons today, January 18. The match was a stalemate from beginning to end, and ended with a 0-0 tie.

Possession changed frequently during the first half, with both teams having plenty of opportunities but failing to score.

By the second half, the sidelines were eager for some excitement, and began to cheer their respective teams to score goals. A Saratoga forward struck the ball toward the top right corner of the goal, but the Eagles’ goalie senior Lucas Champenois caught it.

“We had better opportunities within the second half,” midfielder senior Harry Rojas said. “We had about five opportunities while they had three.”

The game was neither beneficial nor detrimental to the boys varsity team’s record, but helped the team gain experience with one of the top dogs in the league.

“On paper, they’re supposed to be the best team because they have all juniors and seniors this year and I guess people didn’t think we were going to do well because of the fact that we have three freshmen and a few juniors.” Harry said.

The team’s next game is on Friday, January 20 at and against Palo Alto High School at 3:30 p.m.