Boys soccer rebuilds

Soccer season at the school is in full swing. Just as in previous years, this year’s team brings the potential for excitement and success. Unlike previous years, however, this year’s team is full of underclassmen.
The Eagles may be physically overmatched, but what the team lacks in size is made up for with superb technicality and finesse. The team is led by strong four-year varsity players, captains seniors Sean Mcloughlin and Josh Stephens. There are several other returning varsity players, but this year the team is loaded with underclassmen.
The last two seasons, the Eagles only carried three underclassmen on their roster, but  this year’s roster holds seven. Combined with a good mixture of  strong juniors and seniors, the underclassmen will play a huge role in the team’s success.
“I think this year we have a lot of experience in the strong group of seniors that we have, and the younger guys that are playing I feel will be in competition for starting spots which is exactly what a team needs, especially as the season progresses,” Josh said.
The team looks to be competitive in its league and return to CCS.The older players are looking forward to the challenge and opportunity to help develop these players for years to come.
“Basically it’s about those who aren’t used to the varsity level and making sure they catch up and stay on this level, helping the younger kids with advice and making sure people are all on the same page and leading by example both on and off the field,”  Josh said.
The underclassmen are excited to get this opportunity and are beginning to familiarize themselves with the roles they must play in order to help benefit the team.
“Our role as underclassmen will be to fill in wherever there’s an open spot that a player from last years team has left open,” sophomore Hugo Mollerstedt said.
Another asset the Eagles have is depth.
“I  think it’s a great thing we have so many up-and-coming players, not only that but the players we have are definitely capable of getting a lot of minutes,” Josh said, “This creates a lot of competition and depth in the team, so that’s great.”
The Eagles look forward to playing league rivals such as Mountain View and Palo Alto in this upcoming season.