Boys Soccer Loses 2-5 to MVHS

The varsity boys soccer team played a difficult and decisive league match against MVHS High School (MVHS) today, January 30.  The game ended with the Eagles losing 2-5.

Despite having gone into the game pumped up and ready, the team lost momentum quickly after MVHS netted two early goals.  Coupled with nerves and communication mishaps, the team was trailing 3-0 by halftime.

MVHS also led the first few minutes of the second half by scoring yet another goal, putting itself at a four-point advantage.  However, this time around, the Eagles finally revitalized.  The team pulled itself back together and became visibly more coordinated.  Although it made a slight comeback and netted two goals in quick succession, the team spent the remainder of the time in a deadlocked stalemate.

“I thought the game today was tough,” junior Nikhil Raman said.  “We started out slow [and] we did well in the second half, but it would have been hard to come back at that point.”

The match was the eighth league game for the team this season.  Four more matches are scheduled. The loss puts the team at a league record of 1-3-3.

“Going forward … I’m not sure,” Nikhil said. “We have a lot of good players, but I guess we have to want it more.”

The team will face Santa Clara High School next on Friday, February 1 in an away game.

This article was corrected on Thursday, January 31. The article incorrectly stated that LAHS lost 3-5, when the real score was 2-5.