Boys Soccer Defeats Homestead 3-1

The varsity boys soccer team defeated the Homestead High School Mustangs 3-1 in a game dominated by a strong offensive and defensive presence of the Eagles.

The Eagles took an early 1-0 lead on an opportune shot in the first half that glided past the Homestead defender and out of the outstretched hand of the Homestead goalie. LAHS maintained its slight edge through the half by strong defensive performances to limit scoring opportunities and an overwhelming presence offensively.

“I thought our defense played great and we have not allowed many goals this season,” Coach Vava Marquez said.

The team entered the second half with a more aggressive tone, increasing its lead early on with an open goal shot to take control of the game. The defense played its part, limiting Homestead by creating turnovers and controlling possession of the ball. The team took many aggressive shots, yet still kept possession of the ball.

LAHS added to its lead when, late in the half, the team put up a third goal to solidify their win. The Mustangs retaliated quickly with a goal of its own but it proved to be too little, too late for them.

“If play like this, like a team, we win this game five times [out of five] like this,” Marquez said, “I thought our bench did a great job.”

LAHS plays its next game at Mountain View High School (MVHS) on Wednesday, February 1.