Boys Basketball Faces Tough Losses

The boys basketball team won two out of three games in the preseason Lynbrook tournament and five out of five in the Fremont tournament, and won the championship game against Mountain View High School 55-52.

Although the team came into the season with high expectations, the Eagles did not start as well as they expected. After a win against Wilcox High School, the team lost six out of the next seven games they played.

“For the past couple of games I just don’t think we’ve been working as well as a team,” senior Nolan O’Such said.

A significant blow to the team was the loss of junior Steven McLean. Steven was hurt in the Eagle home-opener against Monta Vista High School in early August when he had to leave the game due to an ankle injury.

The Eagles have also suffered some tough losses. The team was unable to close out games against teams such as Lynbrook and Monta Vista, losing 50-54 and 44-49, respectively. They hung on in the fourth quarters but could not walk away with wins.

After losses against our rival Spartans (38-67) and a one-point deficit loss of 67-68 against Santa Clara High School at home, the players look to learn from their mistakes and find ways to close out and win games. They look to use all the help they have from the bench to maintain the energy the team is looking for to finish the games late in the fourth quarter.

“We’re a young team,” senior Josh Tabula said. “We have to set the rhythm. We have to stay consistent, play hard and get all of our players involved.”

In order to keep their CCS hopes alive, the team must play one game at a time.

“From here on out things are going to change,” Nolan said. “We’re going to start coming together and winning more games down the stretch.”