Boys Basketball Defeated by Saratoga 28-56

The varsity boys basketball team lost 28-56 today, January 6, to the Saratoga Falcons.

Many fouls, fumbles and out-of-bounds balls occurred on both sides, with the Falcons reaching up to five fouls in one quarter. Junior Steven McLean, who was injured twice in the first quarter, suffered a minor injury that had him out for a couple minutes and leg injury that caused him to be sidelined for the rest of the game.

The Eagles were also hindered by their slow start. While LAHS scored 2 points in the first quarter, the Falcons finished with 14 points.

Both the cheer and dance teams performed during halftime, keeping the school spirit alive and going. LAHS gradually reduced the gap, even racking up 16 points in the last quarter to the Falcons’ 12, but ended the game with a loss.

“We could have done better definitely but we hope to improve by focusing on our game next time and working on the teamwork,” sophomore Johnny Chen said.