Boys and Girls Basketball continue to fly

By Kristen Fan and Ian Tseng

Girls Basketball 

Girls basketball has bounced back this season and qualified for CCS with a 5-3 record. Bouncing back seems to be one of the themes of their season this year; after losing their first league game 47-42 to Lynbrook in overtime, the team fought back to win their next two games.

“It was hard mentally on people, figuring out how to push through even though you’re frustrated with ref calls,” senior K’ronna Harmon said. “That was definitely a huge learning lesson for everyone. Since that game we’ve definitely been coming out stronger.”

This year, the team is relatively young, with three freshmen on the roster. Despite this, they’ve found success in games through their efforts on defense and communication.

The team is currently third in the league, and they look to apply the lessons they’ve learned throughout the season to make a run at CCS.

Boys Basketball

The varsity boys basketball team aims to end leagues strong after already qualifying for CCS. The team, now having a league record of 5-3 and currently in third place, now hope to win their last four games and use that momentum for CCS — which they didn’t qualify for the year before.

Although they are still working to limit their turnovers and share the basketball, the team has displayed progress. They started the season with a 1-3 record and pulled it up to 11-5 in the first 16 games they played.

Our defense has been a big part of why we’ve been successful this year,” Head Coach Trevor Naas said. “[Our] 5 losses were to quality teams, three times to Palo Alto , once to Los Gatos, and once in the championship game to Berkeley high school, who is one of the best teams in the Bay Area. So if you look at it like that, then its really impressive where they’ve grown this year and attacked the competition.”