Boarders Tear Up the Best Hills of Los Altos

What tempts kids to put a piece of wood with wheels between their feet and the hot pavement and fly down the street? A big hill, of course. Tearing down the road on a longboard is a thrill that many enjoy in Los Altos Hills. But what about finding that perfect hill? Steep incline, long run out, sufficient surface and high speeds are all components that make up a great run. The top four locations of Los Altos Hills are now revealed to the people who take pride in speed and road rash.

Labaranca Road
Cross Street: Purissima Road

Known as the king of all runs in Los Altos Hills, this street is steep, long and full of twists that make the avid longboarder drool at the mouth. With the steepest incline in Los Altos Hills, the rider can look forward to blinding speed as well as snaking curves in the course.

Labaranca provides excellent road conditions, long run-out and minimal traffic. Of course, the speed may cause speed-wobble (lurching of the board left and right if the trucks are too loose), so make sure that the trucks on each board are tight for the ride of a lifetime. This long street challenges the best and will impress a longboarder with each run.

Concepcion Road
Cross Street: Fremont Road

Second to Labaranca, Concepcion extends extremely far and provides good speed as well as a friendly array of turns all the way down the road. It is a perfect street for the turns after a drop at the beginning, giving the rider the glorious feeling of centrifugal. Additionally, this road provides a long, smooth ride for every rider to enjoy. Depending on how adventurous an individual feels, they can start from the top and continue all the way down to the intersection of Fremont Road.

“[Concepcion] is a great ride,” senior Elliot Samuels said. “It has really nice turns and the perfect amount of speed to give a rider an entertaining run.”

Traffic flow is not high, but cars pass through this location occasionally. Gravel and potholes can also be issues on this street. Concepcion is a great run for every rider, but caution should most definitely be taken when riding this street.

Miranda Road
Cross Street: Fremont Road

Miranda gives the average boarder the sufficient speed to enjoy the thrill of the sport. This street consists of a two-level hill, into a straightaway towards the end of the street. With virtually no traffic and great road quality devoid of gravel and potholes, it’s perfect for getting to speed and gaining confidence.

“Miranda is a pretty good run overall,” senior Torrey Thomas said. “It’s pretty steep and goes right into a straightaway for getting some good carves (turns) in.”

Miranda’s perfect incline and few safety concerns make this street a well-rounded run for every boarder.

La Paloma Road
Cross Street: Purissima Road

Off of Purissima, La Paloma dips into an incline right away and continues for a good distance all the way down to Fremont Road. This street is one of the longer runs in the hills and provides decent speed until it levels out about halfway down towards Fremont Road.

In addition to its length, La Paloma also provides sharp turns that can be handled at the speeds which the incline of the street provides. However, this street does not have the best road quality and is riddled with occasional potholes and gravel deposits. Traffic is relatively low, but be cautious when bombing this hill on a board to avoid a nasty bump or a concussion.

Longboarding is a dangerous sport, and the speed-factor on many of these slopes makes it even more dangerous. These locations all have their risks in the nature of their incline, the amount of traffic and the road conditions.

It is imperative to exercise caution whenever performing the activity of longboarding, and proper safety equipment is encouraged. With this being said, these streets are not going anywhere soon, so enjoy the thrill of speed and tear it up out there.