Blue Crew Boosts School Spirit

Most students aren’t aware that just by going to the school, they are part of a club. They didn’t sign up for up it on Club Day and they don’t need to attend club meetings. Instead, all they need to do is wear blue and show up at school sports games, and just like that, they are officially a part of the Blue Crew.

Blue Crew, a club started last year by varsity boys basketball coach and teacher Bob McFarlane, acts as the student cheering section by promoting school spirit at school sports games and has big plans to expand to sports other than basketball, which its attendance has traditionally been centered around.

So far, the Blue Crew has been at both boys water polo’s senior night and game against Palo Alto High School and girls volleyball’s senior night and game against Mountain View High School.

On top of attending more games, Blue Crew also looks to better the overall student body involvement in the crowd at games. By holding promotional events during half-time, selling T-shirts for five dollars and giving out blue necklaces, wigs, headbands and face paint to students, the Blue Crew hopes to attract as much of the student body to their events as possible.

“We want standing room only at games, we want everyone wearing blue, we want blue-outs. We want it where everybody is just decked out in blue and the place is packed and we get a sense of energy in the gym,” McFarlane said. “I think that that energy will carry over into how fun it is at the other sports as well.”

Not only does more attendance promote more school spirit, it also encourages the players to push themselves and go that extra step with the entire Blue Crew cheering them on.

“When you’re out there and everyone’s cheering for you, you hustle that extra step for the ball, you take that extra shot, and when you score you feel amazing,” Blue Crew President senior Riley Soward said. “It kind of drives you. It just makes it more fun for the players, even if they don’t win the game, having that kind of backing up of the team helps a lot.”

The Blue Crew will be soon adding “Kings of Blue”, or students who dress in special costumes and lead the cheering at Blue Crew events to make school sports events fun and engaging places for students. It wants students to join together and get into the game, maybe even lose their voices screaming. McFarlane and the rest of Blue Crew is confident that once they get more students excited to go to Blue Crew events, there will be no turning back.

“It’s the place to be, this is thing to do. The games are awesome. I know that once we get this momentum going, that once they come and its exciting, they [will] want to do it again,” McFarlane said.

Blue Crew hopes that after successfully expanding to other sports and increasing school spirit at school, they can eventually look even further than that.

“The next phase is to involve the community and to get people in the community. It creates a whole vibe of energy in the community at large,” Mcfarlane said. “We want people to be able to feel like they want to come back to games, and come back to be a part of the high school.”