Blast from the Past–Trends Revisited

Trends dictate what we wear, listen to and even how we act. These first few years of the 21st century have proven to be a mix of previous trends, recycling past popularities and resurfacing fads from the 50s to the 90s. In magazines, it can be seen that old “vintage” clothing has turned into the new modern style. The decades that have come before us have a large presence in everyday life, now more than ever before.

1950s: Swimsuit Styles
Then: As seen in movies such as “The Notebook,” women in the 50s sported very unique bathing suits. They were certainly their own trend, consisting of bathing suit bottoms reaching far above the belly button and halter top one-pieces. Even men fashioned bathing suit shorts that rose higher around the waist and tended to be shorter down the leg. This decade represents one of the first times that bathing suits were ever really featured in magazines and looked upon as real pieces of clothing, so it makes sense that these suits were as popular as they were.
Now: Now that vintage is back, all areas of fashion have been resurfaced from decades before, and swimsuits are no exception. In stores such as Urban Outfitters, Free People and even Nordstrom, high waisted swim suits, ruffled one pieces and lots of bright colors monopolize the swimwear racks. These styles bring yet another way for teens to be “hipster,” making them increasingly popular in stores, especially with summer coming around the corner.

1960s: Records
Then: Though they were invented in the 19th century, the vinyl record format first burst into mainstream in the 1960s. Their sound quality and size made them a prime choice for music enthusiasts. The physical act of putting the needle on the record and hearing the new, improved quality of sound made people all over the world go crazy for this must-have item.
Now: Vinyl records have become popularized for the retro look by large retailers such as Urban Outfitters. Also, music stores like Rasputin continue to sell large selections of records, both used and new. It seems that it is almost as easy to purchase records as it is to buy CDs. Teens are no longer limited to the “oldies” that are available on vinyls; in fact, they can even buy vinyls of their favorite new artist’s music in the high quality vinyl format. However, at times it seems that it is less the sound quality that entices buyers and more the vintage vibe that vinyls have. Many teens choose to hang vinyl records on their walls, changing records into a decorative trend instead of a musical one.

1970s: High-Waisted Shorts
Then: High-waisted shorts were primarily popular in the 70s. Although they were invented in the 40s during World War II, many people thought they revealed too much skin, and Levis Jeans instead manufactured high-waisted jeans and pants, which were popular in the 40s and 50s. When high waisted shorts really started trending in the 70s, they were most popular with women. They slowly died when mid and low waisted shorts and pants became popular towards the later half of the 90s and 2000s.
Now: Primarily worn by teenage girls, high waisted shorts add a retro flare to most summer wardrobes. They add onto the “hipster” revolution taking place in ideals and in fashion. However, this time, they are not just limited to denim; high-waisted shorts can be seen in many different fabrics such as cotton, linen and even silk-satin. They are now coming in many different patterns as well, adding a new twist to the wardrobes of teens everywhere.

1980s: Preppy
Then: In an age of neon colors and chunky bracelets, the 80s also showcased a preppy style that swept the nation. Girls and boys of all ages fashioned khaki pants and collared shirts. Sweaters could be found draped around shoulders and matched with pastel colored polos, making this decade easily identifiable for its preppy styles.
Now: Today, the preppy style of the 80s has been brought back through one piece of clothing in particular: shoes. Both boys and girls can be found sporting various styles of loafers made by companies like Sperry’s. Even Nike is now trending lace up shoes that look remarkably similar to those shoes worn in the 80s. Not only are loafers and boat shoes resurfacing, but for women, the golf shoe is becoming popular once again. These types of shoes represent the emerging trend of “classy” and “preppy” clothing that used to be popular in the 80s, and mesh them with the “hipster” style.

1990s: Boybands

Then: Building on the catchy rhythms of the Beatles in the 60s and upbeat pop in the 70s and 80s, the 90s brought a new era of boy bands.However, boy bands such as N*SYNC and The Backstreet Boys made them mainstream once again. Both N*SYNC and The Backstreet Boys were also known for their dancing skills, which made them famous, especially to the female population.
Now: Boy bands are starting to make a comeback and are becoming mainstream. Since the 90s, many bands were structured around one lead singer with other members playing instruments and doing some vocals. Now, we are starting to see boy bands such as One Direction and The Wanted becoming extremely popular. Although these bands lack the dance skills that made N*SYNC and The Backstreet Boys popular, bands like One Direction, known for its single “What Makes You Beautiful,” are credited with the revival of boy bands and forming a part of the resurgence of the “British Invasion.” The band has won over the hearts of millions of teenage girls and continues to gain popularity with many new and catchy songs. They’ve sold over 14 million singles and eight million albums in the past year.