Best Local Independent Coffee Places

Coffee: the most convenient source of caffeine for high school students. Some students feel as if coffee is a necessity; it is a crucial part of their everyday routine. But drinking the same coffee day after day can get repetitive, especially when it’s from chains that are located at every street corner. Instead of drinking the same coffee everyday, try these new coffee shops that are within a six-mile radius of our school. And even if you are not an avid coffee drinker, these cafes are great places to grab a cup of tea or a baked good, get some homework done or catch up with friends.

Dana St. Roasting Company
744 W. Dana Street, Mountain View
Distance from school: 2.9 miles
Try the: Mexican Mocha
Dana St. Roasting Company is a coffee shop off of Castro Street in downtown Mountain View. Although it is not easily recognizable as a coffee shop from the outside without its large sign, the light background music, inside decor and large old fashioned coffee maker give it a sophisticated yet welcoming ambiance. Dana St. Roasting Company is home to several open mic nights a week. There is decent seating and accessible outlets to charge your computers. They also have free Wi-Fi. Upon your arrival, the friendly workers will often greet you with a smile and hello. They serve multiple types of baked goods, sandwiches and quiches and have a wide selection of coffees, including many specialty drinks. But just a heads up, this coffee shop only accepts cash.

Coupa Café
538 Ramona St., Palo Alto
Distance from school: 5.8 miles
Try the: Spicy Mocha
This Venezuelan cafe has a full food and drink menu, including special venezuelan dishes. After ordering, they deliver your food to your table or call your name up to the bar to receive your drink, giving you a chance to sit down and relax as your order is prepared. Coupa Café is the only restaurant in the world outside of Venezuela where they serve organic single estate Arabica coffee beans that are roasted in small batches, creating a strong, thick and delicious selection of coffees. Located on Romana street in downtown Palo Alto, (beware of downtown Palo Alto parking) Coupa Café is a lively restaurant with a welcoming ambiance that makes the customer feel right at home. With seating both outside and inside, free Wi-fi and full service, eating your meal or drinking your coffee at Coupa Café feels light and relaxing.

Philz Coffee
101 Forest Ave, Palo Alto
Distance from school: 1.6 miles
Try the: Mint Mojito Ice Coffee
Originally from San Francisco, Philz Coffee now has two locations that are in a relatively close to our school. Although both locations serve the same drinks and food, the downtown Palo Alto one has more seating and electrical outlets inside, while the Middlefield location has most of its seating outside. Philz Coffee is made “one cup at a time” and you are able to tell the barista exactly how you would like your coffee prepared. Philz Coffee also has a large selection of baked cookies, including vegan donuts and multiple types of homemade cookies. Philz works hard to better their customers day which is clearly seen in the charismatic and friendly attitude of the workers. Serving dark roasts, medium roasts and light roasts of coffee, Philz is a great place to get your coffee fix. But just a warning, they do make you check in on Facebook in order to receive their complimentary Wi-Fi.

Red Rock Coffee
201 Castro Street, Mountain View
Distance from school: 2.5 miles
Try the: Cappuccino
Red Rock Café, which is located on Castro Street, is known for two things: their coffee and their open mic nights. They are based off of three C’s: caffeine, culture and community. With two floors of seating, free Wi-Fi, and good coffee, this place is always busy. They also have Saturday coffee tastings, and their own recording company. This cafe is a fun place to go late at night when looking for something to do, especially since it’s open till 11:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights. Red Rock Café has a good selection of baked goods, as well as multiple coffees and teas to choose from.