Baseball’s 11-game Winning Streak Broken

The Eagles conceded their second season loss today, Wednesday April 24, in a 3-8 defeat at the hands of the Palo Alto High School Vikings. After starting the game out with three runs in the first three innings, the Eagles could not hold their lead and fell behind after the fourth inning.

“We started out the game coming out with some fire, then in the fourth inning they hit a home run,” junior Steven Mclean said. “Then things really didn’t keep going our way.”

Junior Conrad Rodgers batted in a run for the Eagles in the first inning, setting the tone right out of the gate. The Eagles scored two more runs in the second inning, putting them ahead by three points.

“Then the ball started rolling for us and we kept getting hits, but then we slowed down,” Steven said. “We can’t afford to do that against good teams like Paly.”

In the fourth inning, senior Christian Lonsky from the Paly squad hit a game-changing home run to tie the game up at 3-3. Following that hit, the Eagles seemed to be playing from behind and had a difficult time trying to keep the scoreboard level.

Paly batted in five more runs by the end of the seventh, leaving the Los Altos squad behind as the Vikings put up run after run on the scoreboard.

This marked the end of an 11-game in-league winning streak. Even the weather seemed to understand the gravity of the defeat, and sent the players home with a light drizzle. However, the skies remained clear during the gameplay.

The Los Altos squad still has a very good chance of making it to CCS and will be playing Paly again at home on Friday, April 27.