Baseball Triumphs 12-1 Against Saratoga

The Eagles won 12-1 in the game against Saratoga High School today, March 9. The victory was especially exciting because it was a comeback victory from the team’s loss to Saratoga on Wednesday, February 29.

“Today really defined us as a team,” junior Steven McLean said. “We had a tough loss Wednesday, but today we showed that we can beat any team in the area.”

The Eagles played strongly throughout the entire game. One exciting moment came during the fifth inning, when sophomore James Olsen came off the bench to hit a home run off the first pitch. The success gave confidence to both the team and to James, a first-year varsity player.

“We were being aggressive on the plate and winning the one-on-one battle between the hitter and pitcher,” Steven said. “We need to continue to take the game personally and to play to the best of our abilities. If we do that, like we did today, no one can beat us.”

The team’s next home game will be on Friday, March 16 against Mountain View High School (MVHS) at 3 p.m.