Baseball Falls to Palo Alto 4-1

The Eagles played the Palo Alto High School Vikings today, April 20. Due to the strong defenses of both teams, neither team was able to score after the third inning (2-1 favoring Palo Alto) until the Vikings loaded the bases in the seventh inning and pulled ahead by two more runs.

Pitcher senior Mat Snider held the Vikings to six hits in seven innings. After an uneventful first inning, the Vikings created tension by scoring a run and then loading the bases, but Mat prevented more runs by catching a hit and tagging out the player to end the top half of the second inning.

The Eagles then caught up with a bunt by junior Joseph Chedid and a RBI double by junior Simon Rosenbaum that brought junior Shuyo Chang home.

Simon proved to be a key player in the game. During the third inning, he made a spectacular throw from his center field position that narrowly missed tagging out a Viking who made it home.

Although the Eagles did not score in the next three innings, Simon kept the Vikings from scoring as well, especially in the fifth inning when three players flied out to him.

However, Palo Alto scored in the seventh when a player stole to second and was later brought home by a walk and a hit by his teammates. The Vikings then loaded the bases, after which they scored another run. The scoring was stopped by Simon, who tagged out one runner, and new center fielder sophomore Steven McLean, who threw to catcher Shuyo to prevent a potential run.

The Eagles will face the Vikings again on Friday, April 22 at Palo Alto High School.