Baseball Defeats Santa Clara Bruins Second Time This Week

A unified baseball team took the field at home today, April 5, against Santa Clara High School. Los Altos, who dominated Santa Clara on Wednesday with a score of 9-1 in an away game, won 5-2 today.

Santa Clara was 1-8 in league prior to this game. Despite having their confidence shaken after their loss to Paly 10-1 last week, the Eagles held firm this week and defeated Santa Clara twice.

“We played really well as a team today, which is something we haven’t been able to do the past few weeks,” junior Max Wilber said. “We played together and for each other which is a major contribution to us winning.”

Max batted 1-3 today and has been a key component of the team, contributing five home runs this season. Junior James Oleson pitched while senior phenom Steven Mclean closed out the game.

“We want to make CCS,” junior Steven Lee said. “We had a rough two week patch but we played well this week and hope that we can come back after break and play up to our potential.”

Steven scored a run with his walk in today’s matchup.

With this win, the Eagles have raised their league record to 5-5 and will look to break .500. Their next game will be on April 13 against Harbor High School.