Badminton Falls to Milpitas 12-18

The badminton team endured its second loss of the season, today, March 19, against Milpitas High School. The varsity team lost 12-18 while the JV team lost 7-8. The team has been playing in the upper De Anza Division after a successful season last year in the El Camino Division.

The top three boys singles players, sophomore Louis Hinnant, junior Max Chi and sophomore Brandon Hong, respectively, each won their matches. However, Milpitas was able to compensate with wins in two boys doubles games and all three girls doubles games.

“I think that we have all of the pieces here,” coach Stefaan Lodge said. “We have everything that we need. We have a strong team that we can field against upper division schools, but … these schools are going to be demanding a better level of play from us, and we’re going to be taking some time to figure that out.”

The team will be playing in a tournament over the weekend in hopes of becoming acquainted with different playing styles, which they plan to adapt to.

“We’re going to a tournament this weekend to give ourselves some better experience and exposure,” Lodge said. “East Bay schools have a very, very different style of play than [we do]. If I can expose [the team] to as many different types of badminton as possible, it might pick up a few things.”