Badminton Falls to Lynbrook, Varsity 4-26 and JV 1-14

The badminton team played Lynbrook High School today, April 5 at Lynbrook. Varsity lost 4-26 and JV lost 1-14.

The highlight of the match involved the last match of the day: juniors Brandon Flaig and Kyle Parker, who play JV boys doubles two, faced off in an intensive match against the Lynbrook team. While the scores were neck to neck throughout the entire game, Brandon and Kyle were able to clinch victory by scoring a series of successive smashes that landed directly on the line. Their successful smashes, coupled with mistakes on the Lynbrook team’s side, allowed Brandon and Kyle to win the game with a score of 23-21. This win allowed the JV team to score the only point for today’s match.

Varsity boys singles three junior Ethan Ming also had an equally intense match. Ethan played three games against his opponent. While Ethan won the first game, his opponent fought back with some clean, offensive play that led to a very close second game. During the third game, Ethan restrategized and utilized his backhand attacks to snatch victory away from Lynbrook.

The team’s next match will be Tuesday, April 19, against Wilcox High School.