Badminton Endures Losses in De Anza

Since moving to the upper division this year, badminton has struggled to produce a league win. After being successful last year, the team moved to the El Camino division for the first time since the 1970s and is steadily improving despite their losing record.

The team has remained positive but co-captain senior Sherry Zhang says the team mindset still needs work.

“We need to work on our mindset since we’re in the upper division and we haven’t been in here before,” Sherry said. “Some of the less experienced players get scared and so we need to work more mentally and take more private lessons.”

The upper division play against more experienced players and it has proved to be an intimidating experience for first year varsity players like sophomore Kevin Mo, who says that this year is “a lot harder” and that he had never before “run into so many good players.”

“We just have to think that we can always come back from anything,” Kevin said. “That’s the way to stay in the game and win.”

Losing can be tough for a lot of teams, but the team continues to improve thanks to more footwork drills, movement practice, hard work, and most importantly, high spirits.

“We make a lot of jokes to stay in the right mindset and we have a lot of inside jokes to keep things fun,” senior Anthony Biondi said. “We just can’t forget that we’re here to have fun even if some other player is way better than you.”

In the future, Sherry and her teammates agree that “getting private lessons” and “working as a team over the summer” would benefit the team as it moves forward.