AVID Write-off Winners Announced, to Compete in Upcoming Conference

The AVID department hosted a write-off contest last week. The write-off, which included a timed critical reading and writing essay that is based on the format of the California State University English Placement Exam, produced three winners for each grade level.

“I always feel like I’m struggling with writing when it comes to a regular English class and that my major essays suck,” winner junior Brianna Ellington said. “I think it’s the stress of getting a good grade. But with the AVID write-off, everything comes naturally and I’m not stressing at all. I’m happy to know that people can see how I can truly write when I’m just doing my own thing.”

Winners will go on to compete in the AVID Writers Conference at Santa Clara University on Thursday, March 29.

“It’s kind of a confidence boost,” Brianna said. “I love to write and it’s always nice getting recognized for something that you just love to do.”

Kristine Preciado
Anamaria Gomez
Perla Luna

Indigo Washington
Oscar Ramirez
Aditya Amatya

Valentin Amaya
Brianna Ellington
Bhavdeep Singh

Flor Paz-Cuevas
Melissa Ramirez
Heidi Hernandez