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Ice hockey: NHL

By Navya Singhai

August 17, 2020

National Hockey League (NHL) players are familiar with wearing masks — hockey masks while they’re on the ice and now, cloth masks when roaming the secure zone, or the “bubble.” The 2019–2020 season reopened with the Sta...

Basketball: NBA and WNBA

By Emily McNally

August 17, 2020

Similarly to other professional sports in America, the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) have had to work around the pandemic. Both groups are quarantined in Florida, wit...

Soccer: MLS

By Allan Feldman

August 17, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted almost every corner of America — including every soccer field. Finding itself in uncharted territory, America’s Major League Soccer (MLS) was forced to postpone its season, establish a new tou...

Golf: PGA

By Anika Sikka

August 17, 2020

On Thursday, June 11, the Professional Golf Association (PGA) tour resumed, making it the first pro-league tour to occur since the COVID-19 pandemic. The PGA tournament was postponed on Thursday, March 12, amid health and safet...

Baseball: MLB

By Cameron Cox

August 17, 2020

Major League Baseball (MLB) has been quick to get back in the swing of things following the outbreak of COVID-19, but not without significant changes.  Compared to other professional sports leagues, MLB has not been the most effect...

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