Athletic Trainer to Leave Next Year

While fans at the school’s sports games have grown accustomed to seeing athletic trainer Jasmine Gittens run onto the field at the scene of an injury, they will no longer see Gittens helping the athletes of the school after this year. According to Athletic Director Kim Cave, the school has a contract with San Jose State that allows the school to pay for an Athletic Trainer every one or two years. The contract has ended this year.
Gittens plans on continuing her dream of becoming a full-time athletic trainer and is currently looking at both high schools and junior colleges.
“Jasmine is great, and I wish she could stay,” Cave said. “Unfortunately, our district does not hire full-time athletic trainers.”
While attending East Strougsburg University in Pennsylvania, Gittens played basketball and suffered from many recurring injuries; she said that it was because of the athletic trainer at her college that she has chosen this career path.
“[The athletic trainer] is the reason why I fell in love with athletic training,” Gittens said. “She knew everything about sports injuries, and I always came back from my injuries better than I was before I got hurt.”
Gittens has had a positive relationship with the students and staff here at the school.
“I will always remember the laughs that I share with the athletes and coaches,” Gittens said. “But most of all I will always remember Kim Cave. She has been like a second mother to me. She has helped me through some hard times and for that I am forever grateful.”
While Gittens helped many student athletes with day-to-day injuries, she was also at games where more intensive care was needed. She helped with severe concussions in football as well as visiting players. She says that what she has learned at the school would be very hard to learn elsewhere in such a short amount of time.
“The experience that I have gained at Los Altos High School would take another athletic trainer five years. I have been through a lot of situations that have taught me many life lessons and has made me a better athletic trainer,” Gittens said.
Junior Tricia Cook has had knee injuries throughout her athletic career at the school, and gives Gittens credit for the fact that she has been able to run with the injuries.
“[Gittens] was the best trainer,” Tricia said. “She was funny and really good at her job. She was so helpful.”
Junior Josiah Loh, who had various injuries during the football season received much help from Gittens.
“She was great because she was so easy to get along with,” Josiah said. “Not only did she watch the game on the sideline, but she got really into the game when she was watching. Hopefully [the next trainer] can be as good as she was.”
According to Cave, a replacement for Gittens has already been chosen and will be following her around to get the feel of the student athletic program at the school later this month.
“I love all of my athletes, and I will miss them dearly,” Gittens said. “I would like to thank all the faculty and staff for making the last two years at Los Altos High a fun and exciting time.”