Athlete Signs National Letter of Intent in Signing Ceremony

During brunch today, November 14, senior Steven McLean signed his official National Letter of Intent to attend and play baseball at Baylor University. Adorned in Baylor apparel, his family and coaches stood behind Steven as he sealed his future for the next four years. Steven also signed his commitment at home before doing so at the school.

Baylor University is a baseball powerhouse, and is ranked fifth in the nation. The opportunity to play at a university with an incredible baseball program is a result of Steven’s work ethic and love for the sport itself.

“Steven was quick and agile,” former varsity baseball coach Sandy Wihtol said. “He has the perfect physique for baseball. He had a much better than average arm [and] was a good hitter. And he had something I can’t coach: a passion for the game.”

Steven said that he aims to play the shortstop position his freshman year at Baylor–a tough goal, but possible for the talented athlete.

[Photos by Anthony Bello, Josh Cohen and Ciera Pasturel]