Associate Superintendent Sarraf to Retire


Photo courtesy Karen Xia.

After over 46 years with the MVLA School District, former Associate Superintendent Brigitte Sarraf retired from her position on December 31, 2016.

Over her career, Sarraf has served the community as a teacher, a vice-principal, a principal and an Associate Superintendent. Now, she transitions to a part-time time role as the district’s Director of Assessment and Accountability.

“I was seeking greater flexibility in my job and more opportunities to spend time with my family,” Sarraf said. “Hence, I was fortunate to be able to still contribute to MVLA in areas that I am very passionate about — [for example], promoting academic achievement for all of our students — while at the same time carving out some time for my family.”

Sarraf expressed gratitude for the opportunity to serve the district’s students.

“I am doing what I love to do, interacting with students, staff and parents and helping students finding out what they are passionate about in hopes that they will lead a life as exciting, joyful and satisfying as the one I am leading,” Sarraf said.