ASB takes down Hermione’s Granger in Finals

The host team, the ASBeaters, won its own tournament today, April 6 after some heated play, some controversy, and, of course, some dramatic action.

The team’s post-game interview involved jokes about how the team “tackled girls, broke broom sticks and just hurt people.” However, all banters aside, the ASBeaters played with intensity.

The scoring game went back and forth, with Hermione’s Granger taking an early lead and eventually going up 50-30.

All attention then quickly changed to the seekers and snitches when they entered the field of play.

ASBeater seeker senior Peter Ambiel used strategic maneuvers to grab the snitch with some plays that Hermione’s Granger seeker senior Joey Giacomini thought were “unfair.”

“I heard Joey almost got [the snitch] in the quad and I was waiting for the announcer to say that the snitches had come back on the field,” Peter said. “When I heard them say that [they were on the field] I ran and [Joey and I] were cycling off, so I was then able to grab the ball.”

ASBeater member senior Scott Casas witnessed the unfair incident to which Joey referred.

“One of the best plays by the snitches was when Joey was going after [senior] Ben [Schneider] and Joey had the snitch,” Scott said. “But then Ben ripped the snitch out of his belt and threw it to [junior] Austin [Bowie].

When the team was asked if they thought this play was unfair or controversial, self-proclaimed team captain senior Tyler Stout was quick to respond.

“It wasn’t controversial,” Tyler said. “That’s how the game is played.”

The team continued to joke and cheer as sophomore team member Michael Andris said the famous, “I’m going to Disneyland!” cheer in the background.

ASB hopes to continue to succeed in its own tournaments and was thrilled with Wednesday’s win. The only player who was not as enthusiastic as the others was the one who won the game for ASB.

“It feels normal to win,” Peter said. “It doesn’t feel that different for me because I usually win championships every weekend.”