ASB Officers Elected

New ASB officers were elected on Tuesday, March 31. Each induvidual has many plans for next year, and they all hope to achieve a common goal: serving the students.

As Class of 2010 President, junior Katherine Portelli decided to take a greater step.
Her biggest goal for next year is to bring back school pride.
“I want to unify the students by improving Friday activities, Katherine said. “That’s what kids want: fun, and I am going to try to create the most fun environment that I can.”

Vice President
Wanting to take on a more active role, sophomore Jack Montgomery decided to run for Vice President.
Jack is aware the success of ASB depends on everyone’s work.
“We have an amazing group of dedicated and enthusiastic students in ASB and I am confident that next year will be a great year for this school,” Jack said.

Not discouraged after losing last year, sophomore Carolyn Yang ran for secretary this spring. Carolyn observed what former Secretary senior Miroslava Garcia did and took notes on how to do the job. She plans to keep a record of everything that happens, as well as a more organized binder section.

After serving a year as Co-Treasurer, sophomore Chris Beyer was appointed ASB Treasurer.
“It’s not only about improving the school, but making it run…smoothly,” Chris said.
Chris plans to motivate students to support the school and encourage them to be active.

Activities Commissioner
Her outgoing attitude was one of the qualities students saw when they elected junior Sarah Bochner as Activities Commissioner.
One of her goals is to have activities that appeal to everyone.
“Through activities, sport competitions and assemblies, I do believe that our school will grow closer together and more tight knit,” Sarah said.

Clubs Commissioner
Sophomore Teresa Fabbricino has proved to be the ideal candidate for Clubs Commissioner.
Teresa plans to include a clubs section on the ASB website.
“I would like to make clubs information easy to reach and simple to understand,” Teresa said.