ASB hosts third Clash of the Classes spirit week


Rachel Wilson

The junior class participates in a game. Last month, LAHS hosted its third annual Clash of the Classes event.

Los Altos High School hosted the Clash of the Classes spirit week from Tuesday, March 21 to Friday, March 24, in which students participated in a series of games to collect points for their class. The week ended with a night rally where students competed to determine a class winner. The senior class came out on top.

During lunch on Tuesday, March 21, students played musical chairs. Rounds had variations, including hopping on one leg or walking backwards.

During lunch on Wednesday, March 22, students played powderpuff flag football. 

During lunch on Thursday, March 23, students played boys’ flag football. 

During lunch on Friday, March 24, students guessed Disney songs and, if incorrect, had a mystery liquid made of food scraps and sauces dumped on them.

At the Night Rally after school on Friday, March 24, participants played a variety of games inside the Large Gym. They played crab soccer, where everyone was on the ground in a crab position and used their feet to kick a beach ball across the court into the goal, dodgeball, Alphabet Soup, where classes tried to make the longest word with the letters given, trivia, and tug of war. The senior class came out on top.