ASB Elections To Be Held Tomorrow

Students will vote in the annual ASB elections tomorrow, March 26, to determine the future student leaders of the school. Students will remain in their third period classrooms during the normal tutorial period, when they will watch pre-taped speeches and then fill out Scantrons to vote for whom they believe is best suited for the job.

The positions available are president, vice president, secretary, activities commissioner and clubs commissioner. In order to run for the positions of president or vice president, candidates must have participated in ASB for a minimum of one year. However, the other three positions are open to any student on campus.

This year, along with rising seniors, many rising juniors will be running for spots as well. Most notable among the candidates is current sophomore Ramiel Petros, who is running for president.

“I feel like it’s a close race for everyone, so I’m excited to see who wins,” Ramiel said.

The races are very competitive; many candidates began campaigning for their elections the beginning of last week. Candidates put up posters and set up pages on Facebook in an attempt to rally support.

The election will be the first time the new voting system will be implemented.  The ASB candidate who receives the most of 230 delegates wins. Of these, 100 delegates are based on the student body’s votes, 100 delegates on the ASB class, and the last 30 delegates determined by a panel consisting of administrative staff and the past year’s president and vice president. Candidates get delegates proportional to the percentage of votes they receive.

The election results will be announced on Wednesday, March 27.