ASB Elections to be Held Today

The election of ASB officers will take place today, Tuesday, March 25, during tutorial. This is the second year that the speeches will be viewed through the video announcement system.

Last year, the pre-filmed speeches were difficult to understand because of technical difficulties that disrupted how the sound and video lined up. However, according to ASB presidential candidate junior Nima Emami, the system is more consistent and there should not be any problems.

According to Clubs Commissioner Blaire Lee-Nakayama, the video system is extremely beneficial to the election process. Before the speeches were filmed and televised, students had to cram into the gym to watch the speeches in person. It was more difficult for students to pay attention in a crowded gym full of distractions.

Today, elections will take place for ASB President, Vice President, Secretary, Activities Commissioner and Clubs Commissioner. Candidates will take turns proposing the improvements and changes they plan to make next year in their speeches if elected as an officer.