ASB Bonds at Camp Campbell Over Weekend

ASB participated in a team building and bonding camp at Camp Campbell from Friday, January 6 to Monday, January 9.

Amongst the many team bonding exercises completed, one of these activities involved a rope course that required a high level of trust and communication between those participating.

“It’s really helpful so everyone can bond with each other and get more comfortable around other people in the class,” junior Rachel Pinkelman said.

The success of the camp each year is dependent on the members who attend, and members said that this year it went well because of the level of maturity and work ethic that their fellow ASB members displayed. The camp is designed to help ASB become stronger at working together, but it can also help members grow individually.

“It was personally rewarding as well,” junior John Lee said. “I discovered more about myself, and what my strengths and weaknesses are through working with others on a daily, in-depth, basis.”