ASB amends Constitution, democratizing rule-making process


Rohan Vaswani

Last week, ASB ratified a Constitutional amendment that aims to open up the ASB rule-making process to the entire student body.

With the aim of making its rule-making processes more democratic, Associated Student Body (ASB) recently amended its Constitution, clarifying and expanding the process by which future Constitutional amendments are implemented. 

The amendment, Article VI, ratified on Monday, January 30, outlines the policy for future amendments to the ASB Constitution — they must first be approved by two-thirds of the ASB class, and then ratified by the principal and two-thirds of the students that choose to vote on that amendment (the voting is extended to the whole student body). The amendment also allows any student to propose a future amendment for consideration. Previously, all rules and amendments originated from and stayed within ASB.

“In order to make an amendment to the Constitution, you only needed the ASB class,” Senior Class President Rodrigo Sepulveda Sagaseta, who wrote and presented the amendment, said. “We felt that was unfair, since the Constitution affects all clubs and students at the school. We thought that if there’s anybody who would like to be involved, they should be able to vote and have a say in what goes into the Constitution.” 

Class council meetings will serve as a platform to voice concerns and propose changes to ASB’s rules. According to Rodrigo, student body votes will likely happen by online survey. 

Read the new Constitution here.