Artist Feature: Anna Gerchanovsky


Photo by Thara Salim

When sophomore Anna Gerchanovsky was creating her piece to submit for an art competition sponsored by The Museums of Los Gatos, she embraced the chosen topic of “Choice” in a unique way: She drew a picture of the judges, then wrote the words “Put this in your art show” on top in large red letters.

“The choice that the judges get to face is choosing which artworks get into the show, so that’s what I made my artwork about,” Anna said.
Anna’s unique approach to art has helped shape her definition of its meaning.

“I think that art is anything a person makes that can inspire thoughts or feelings in another person,” Anna said. “Art has to bring out some sort of emotion.”

Although Anna only started making art four years ago, it has quickly become an integral part of who she is.

“The only thing that I do is art,” Anna said. “Life is art.”

Anna hopes to see others find the same passion for art that she has.

“I also want people to see art and say, ‘Hey, I want to draw like that,’ and then just start drawing.” Anna said.