Art Show Highlights Student Work

On Friday, May 13, 2016, the biannual art show was held in the cafeteria, displaying one to three artworks from each individual person throughout the various art, drawing and photo classes. The art show is held two times a year at the end of each semester.

“I thought the art show was great,” sophomore Photography II student Yolanda Spura said. “Everyone worked really hard this year and there were many unique pieces of all different types of mediums on display, and it was super cool to walk through on Friday and be able to see everyone’s work.”

Students have the opportunity to view the pieces from the following classes: Photography I, Photography II, Digital Photography, Drawing I, Drawing II, Drawing II and AP Studio Art.

“I like the art show because it’s a chance to see your work… and other people’s work [put up],” junior AP Studio Art student Neha Sajja said. “You can get inspiration [from that] and see how far you’ve come from the beginning of the year. [You can also] get the names of other people you got to see and talk about their art. It’s just nice to see your work put up that you’ve worked so hard on during the year.”

The next art show will be held after second semester, showcasing students’ pieces from the second semester.