Art Gallery Features 22 LAHS Students

The Art Museums of Los Gatos opened on Wednesday, May 9, featuring 22 of the school’s students. Students from Drawing II, AP Studio Art, Photo II and Digital Photo have been accepted into the 2012 County-wide High School Juried Art Exhibition at the Art Museums of Los Gatos. Students were asked to submit work relating to an issue in society, virtually creating answers to these issues.

“I was really proud,” sophomore Amy Shannon said. “It felt great to know that people enjoyed my work and and thought that it was good. It basically told me that my work is good and that I could possibly have a successful future in a field that I love – which is a wonderful thing to realize.”

This competition gave artists at LAHS a chance to gain real-world experience in competing, while creating pieces they enjoy.

“I like art because it makes me think in a way that other subjects don’t,” Amy said. “It encourages the growth of my creativity. It offers a distraction from everyday life and makes me see the world in a way that I otherwise would be incapable of. Generally, I feel like it has increased my level of happiness and taught me to enjoy and value life more.”

The LAHS students who participated in the competition are listed below:

Angella Lazora Abbey (People’s Choice)
Mitra Ahy
Aryamitra Bake
Yan (Bonnie) Chan (1st Place, Drawings & Prints)
Emily Cheng
Tessa Cheng
Kelly Heaney
Elise Hu
Sophia Huang
Nikki Klepper
Liza Koulikova
Joseph Mann
Kelly Medina
Ciera Pasturel (1st Place, Photography)
Matthew Ruehle
Amy Shannon
Harpreet Singh (2nd Place, Photography)
Aya Suzuki
Julie Tseng (First Place, Paintings)
Nicole Vendelin
Lorraine Watkins
Elise Witham