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The student news site of Los Altos High School in Los Altos, California

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The student news site of Los Altos High School in Los Altos, California

The Talon

Art First Fridays Display Student Work

Art First Fridays is a new event developed by the Art Department in order to share students’ work with a larger audience.

“All types of art are displayed at the event,” art teacher Christine An said. “We try to mix drawing, painting, photo, crafts and so on.”

An and art teachers David Roberts and Alice Araneda choose students to organize and create an exhibit displaying their art.

“Each student will have at least three pieces on display,” Araneda said. “Works can be from previous classes, present classes and leisure pieces.”

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The students chosen must be involved in the Art Department in order to participate.

“Participation is limited to two students per cycle, chosen by the teachers,”Araneda said. “Each teacher will select two of their students per month to participate for a total of six students each time.”

The chosen students operate these events and decide which pieces of art to include.

“Students meet about three times every month to organize the event,” An said.

The exhibit area is different each month and the Art Department will announce its location before it occurs.

“The location of the show is decided by the participants,” Araneda said. “It is typically located in a common area that is accessible by all students. Students can see the exhibition [during] their free periods or lunch and brunch.”

Multiple art media will be presented in the display.

“We try to include drawings, photos and paintings evenly,” An said.

According to An, there are about 18 to 20 pieces of art involved each month, and participation is restricted to students taking art classes.

“The students are chosen for various reasons: talent, creativity, good citizenship and so on,” An said. “The grade is not a factor.”

According to Araneda, students are chosen based on the comprehensive quality of their work.

“If they demonstrate good work ethic, responsibility, leadership skills and high quality displayable work, then they are likely candidates for this event,” Araneda said. “Their grade is not a deciding factor per se, but if they produce great work and have all the qualities I mentioned then they tend to be successful in the class anyway.”

Senior Julia Short is one of these art students. She has spent four years studying art and used some of her works from Studio Art AP in the display on Friday, November 7 in the library hall. Julia will be presenting two drawings and one painting.

The location of each event is announced in the morning announcements during second or first period. Flyers advertising the location of the exhibit may also be posted.

Seniors Ankur Ambastha, Maya Cantrell and Grace Deng, and juniors Anisa Arif and Zoe Kohl presented their works for the November cycle.

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