Art Classes Take Field Trip to San Francisco Museum

Students from multiple art classes traveled to San Francisco on Friday, March 22 to visit the Museum of Modern Art. The trip was offered to students in photography and drawing classes.

It was an enriching experience as students were able to sketch and photograph different aspects of San Francisco as they explored the city in groups of four before meeting up at the museum.

“Wandering around the city is always fun,” junior Elizabeth Fuchs said.

The students met back at the museum to tour around and see artwork from artists such as Frida Kahlo and Diego Riveria in the exhibitions. After their respective teachers gave them assignments, the students were shown around in groups of eight by art docents and then given time to look around.

“We got to see many amazing pieces of artwork and there was once specifically that caught my eye… it was made of only glue, hair and rope,” junior Kelsey Kawaguchi said.

Students have agreed that the trip has given them valuable insight into the different forms of art styles and many have said that they would attend another trip if scheduled.

“It was fun seeing all forms of art and getting inspiration from them,” Elizabeth said.