Army of Two Brings Back The Bang of Two Guns

Fighting in wars on foreign soil is not always an appealing job, hence the drop in the army recruitment numbers. But most people would not mind staying on their couch and battling it out on Electronic Arts’ Army of Two (AoT), out for both Xbox 360 and PS3.

AoT is a third-person shooter game that tells the story of two military contracting partners that the American Army has hired for missions over the years 1993 to 2009. Missions are held all over the world in places like China, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and Miami.

Players can either play by themselves with A.I. (artificial intelligence) assistance or in a cooperative mode, and missions cannot be completed without teamwork between the two main characters Tyson Rios and Elliott Salem, both former Army Rangers. The two characters can heal each other, drag each other to safety, do step lifts and flanks as well as control vehicles.

The weapons of the game include more than just the standard guns and grenades. The game introduces a system called Aggro, which determines how aggressive a player is. The higher the Aggro, the more attention enemies pay to that character, which allows the teammate to be invisible and outflank them. It is another example of how interaction between the two characters is important.

The A.I. is slow at times, especially when playing solo, and it wrecks the single player campaign mode. Also, the campaign mode is not very long as the six levels have few side missions to go along with the overarching story.

The graphics look good, but players who have played for a long time say that they graphics give them headaches. That is never a good thing, since the graphics are supposed to be one of the shining spots of the game.

The game can be played either as a co-op campaign or in a multiplayer arena. The multiplayer arena consists of four maps and three game modes: extraction, bounties and warzones. Extraction consists of trying to find and save POWs or VIPs. The object of bounties is to try to eliminate targets, while warzones combine the other two by having one team defend and the other destroy. The modes are fun, but the lack of head-to-head death match  hurts the game greatly.

Overall, get and play the game for the multiplayer campaign mode. If someone doesn’t have anyone to play it with, either don’t get the game or get a friend because it will not be worth the time and money.