Applications Open for MVLA Student Advisory Council


Emily McNally

MVLA is accepting applications for its Student Advisory Council, a group of students who represent the student body to the Board.

The Mountain View–Los Altos Board has opened applications for the MVLA Student Advisory Council (MSAC) — a group of 12–15 students led by Superintendent Dr. Nellie Meyer to represent student voices within the District. Applications are open until Wednesday, March 15. 

The council aims to create a platform that allows student voices to be heard. During MSAC meetings, students will provide feedback to the Board and address concerns that the council and their representative student bodies may have, in communication with peers and Board trustees. 

“​​Students represent a critical constituency in any educational system,” Meyer said. “Their voice is not only important but necessary if we are going to solve complex problems and make improvements in any school system.” 

The application process includes an application form, an endorsement from one’s school principal and a personal interview. Applicants with a grade point average of 2.5 or higher and experience in a leadership position are preferred.

Although the Associated Student Body president, Student Community Leaders president and Mountain View High School Ambassador club leaders are already part of the council, the Board encourages all students to apply. 

“We are looking for students who are well-informed and thoughtful in their approach to problem-solving,” Meyer said. “Having a perfect GPA isn’t what matters most.” 

ASB Secretary junior Sadie Gracon is Los Altos High School’s student body representative at MVLA Board meetings. She helped facilitate the creation of MSAC and has engaged with board members since her freshman year.

“Sometimes, it’s nerve-wracking talking to a bunch of adults that I have a lot of respect for,” Sadie said. “But our board is an incredible and diverse group, so talking to them is really insightful. If we have more students involved, it’ll give them a stronger understanding of how our school systems work.”

Members are expected to stay devoted to their leadership roles and have a broad understanding of MVLA school issues. On top of that, students should still maintain academic performance for continued eligibility. 

“MVLA students have proven to be thoughtful, empathetic and creative,” Meyer said. “I believe tapping into this creativity and unique vantage point will help us improve our practices.”

MSAC meetings will be held four to six times a year in the MVLA District Board room, from 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. The newly appointed students will have their first meeting in late spring of this year.