Annual Film Festival awards 'The Greatest Movie Ever Made' Best Picture

The Film Analysis class’s annual Film Festival was held on Monday, April 5. The Festival showcased seven student-produced films.

The Best Picture award went to the film “The Greatest Movie Ever Made” made by seniors Sherwin Tavana, Dillon Dowdell and David Ilishah.

“I am speechless right now,” Sherwin said. “[The films] were all very good, so I think that was a hard decision for the judges.”

Honorable mentions were given to senior Maxine Sferra’s “In the Night,” seniors Scott Abramo, Kelly Clark and Tim Vanneman’s “True Life: I’m Addicted to Hip-Hop Dance” and seniors Helen Broering, Katarina La Poll and Pegah Olfat’s “Blinded.”

According to Film Festival judge Freestyle English teacher Kristin Tillim, the judges awarded films on a “wholistic kind of approach,” taking into account “editing, cinematography, the actual writing itself [and] the story.”

“[The winning film] worked the best in terms of feeling like a complete story,” Tillim said. “Each scene felt complete. It had humor, but also I thought that the camera work was really good and the editing was really good.”

LAHS Film Analysis teacher Lisa Bonanno added that the film stood out because of its effective use of cinematic elements.

“We feel that in [the winning] movie, every element worked to achieve its purpose,” Bonanno said.

The Film Festival raised $700 in total from its $3 admission tickets. Of the money raised, $250 went to the Best Picture, $100 for each Honorable Mention, and the remaining $150 will be used by Film Analysis for supplies and film equipment.