Anna Garverick: A Leader with Purpose


Photo by Rachel Lu.

What does it mean to be a student leader? If you really want to know what it takes, look no further than Los Altos’ very own Senior Class President, Anna Garverick. Anna was recently voted student of the month by her peers in ASB in order to highlight her contributions. Along with being Senior Class President,  Anna finds herself balancing many different responsibilities. She is involved with ASB, community service, and is also an athlete on the Los Altos Field Hockey team.

Anna was last year’s Junior class president and after that she became a member of Los Altos’ ASB.

“I’ve been in ASB for two years,” Anna said. “I think that’s the biggest thing I do around campus. For 24 hours a day that’s what my time is dedicated to.”

Her activities are not just limited to academic endeavors. Anna is also involved with the Los Altos Hills youth commission, and regularly volunteers in a wide variety of events set up by the town.

“What we mostly do is we volunteer at town events,” Anna said. “Like the town picnic, the hoedown. Whatever the town puts on, we’re there volunteering.”

Anna’s involvement involvement with leadership started even before high school. She has been involved with activities since elementary school. When she was in third grade, she joined a form of student council set up at Bullis Charter School and started to develop skills to become a future leader.

“It was called student council,” Anna said. “I wasn’t running the school or anything but I was doing a little leadership. [It was a] mini version of ASB basically since third grade.”

From there, Anna would continue to develop her leadership skills in middle school. Since her junior year as a member of ASB she has made it a point to bond with her peers in the program.

“I got to be really good friends with Jenny Chin who was senior class president and she helped me a lot,” Anna said. “I have this vibe going with all the class presidents that we kind of bond over…the four of us really get each other”.

Anna hopes that ASB will help provide students with a safe and fun environment at LAHS. One of her goals is that everyone attending feels represented.

“Everyone should be happy at school,” Anna said. “Everyone should be included at school and everyone should love coming to school.”

Even with this role, Anna still has to stay on top of maintain her other responsibilities as a student at Los Altos. One of her responsibilities outside of ASB and community service is being an athlete on the field hockey team.

“There are plenty of nights where I’ll stay up until 11 doing homework because I was at field hockey until six,” Anna said. “Then figuring out some class council emergency but you know it’s like ‘this is what I like to do so I’ll make it work’”.

After high school, Anna hopes to go to medical school to study biomedical engineering. She wants to continue to be an involved member of society beyond her high school years and with her desired profession continue to help people.

“I really like biology and science and I really like helping people and making people happy,” Anna said. “I need to interact with people directly and help them directly every day and I like working with a wide variety of people.”