Amnesty International Puts on Open Mic Night

The Amnesty International club hosted Jamnesty! at the Red Rock Cafe in downtown Mountain View on Saturday, January 14.

Students were invited to perform any and all types of acts, including songs, poetry and raps. Over 10 performances were given to a large and delighted crowd.

Senior Nick Darington and junior Arthur Bogdanovich both used their guitars and voices to show off their talent.

“It’s always a great experience to perform at Jamnesty,” Nick said. “[Everyone is] so supportive of each other and it’s a great opportunity for students to share what they do with their peers.”

Arthur played several songs, such as rock tune “Transilvania.”

“Performing felt great,” Arthur said. “I always love being on stage.”

Other performers included juniors Lucas Andrade, Eddie Salisbury, Kevin Coehlo, Megan D’Andrea and Margherita Lacapra, and seniors David Han and Neha Rathaur.

Despite some scheduling issues regarding last minute acts and general disorganization, everyone still pulled together to put on a fabulous show. Although junior Melissa Goldman went to support her peers, faculty advisor Seth Donnelly inspired her to perform. Melissa’s impromptu performance was supported only by an iPhone with a karaoke soundtrack, but was a hit all the same.

“People really loved all of the performances,” Melissa said. “I heard a lot of good feedback … I really enjoyed the Jamnesty night and I definitely plan on going to the next ones.”