Amnesty International Hosts Jamnesty Open Mic Night at the Red Rock Cafe

On Saturday, November 9, the musical artists of LAHS performed at Red Rock Cafe for Amnesty International’s Jamnesty open mic night.

Amnesty International put on its open mic night to raise money for a petition that urges the US government to stop drone strikes in Pakistan. The club advocates for human rights, and through Saturday’s fundraiser, the club raised around $200 for their cause.

“It’s less stressful and everyone’s really open and really friendly,” senior Zach Gospe said. “Every act had their own talent and their own quirks to it that made everything really exciting. It was really cool to see other people’s talents that you normally don’t get to see. I would definitely go again.”

There were many LAHS and other local high school students that participated in this event. Some students that performed were:

Brad Guesman
Annaka Olson
Mike Hua and Maggie Kristian
Mateo Gomez and Kalie Oku
Jacob Kidd
Maya Acharya and Lauren Weldon
Oscar Santos, Daniel Golub, and Zach Gospe
Katja Diekgers
Alyssa Abe
Kaitlyn Schiffhauer
David Klein
Zach Gospe