Amarin Thai Cuisine: A gem on Castro

Castro Street in Mountain View offers a versatile and seemingly limitless supply of restaurants. Options are great to have, but they certainly make it harder to decide where to eat. In this sea of choices, Amarin Thai Cuisine is a guaranteed delight. Amarin Thai Cuisine offers a high quality vibe with high quality service and food, all for unexpectedly low prices.
Amarin is a nice sit-down restaurant: very popular but big enough that there is usually a seat or two available even on a Friday night. The menu offers something for everyone. It has a ton of options, including an entire menu solely for vegetarians. It has everything ranging from simple and small meals to large and daring ones.
For a high-end restaurant, the prices are surprisingly low. The majority of Amarin’s huge variety of meals are right around 10 dollars. For those who want the feel of a high-end restaurant but do not want to pay for it, Amarin is perfect. It is the ideal place for students on a night out with friends, family or a date.
The attentive service is also very impressive. Cups are refilled several times before any food even arrives, every employee comes off as welcoming and kind and the food arrives fairly quickly. It is the kind of restaurant that folds its cloth napkins, hangs elegant paintings on the walls and covers the floors and ceilings in regal decor. It also has a traditional seating option where customers can sit on pillows on the ground. This fancy atmosphere makes the low prices that much more shocking.
The satay chicken, an appetizer, is basic, tender skewered chicken with a peanut dipping sauce. It is perfect for sharing or even for a small meal. The satay defies its seemingly simple composition with its rich, savory undertones. The Mango Chicken Special consists of small pieces of chicken surrounded by bits of mango and peppers that give it a very sweet and slightly tropical taste. It is very different from the basic appetizer and yet both are thoroughly enjoyable. Pad Thai is a classic when it comes to Thai food. It is a simple mix of noodles, a choice of meat and peanut sauce, and the flavor is incredible. It is rich, sweet and savory. The Pad Thai costs just under 10 dollars and is extremely filling.
A dinner out at Amarin turned Pad Thai into one of my all time favorite dishes. The shockingly cheap bill at the end makes the whole meal worthwhile. These three dishes offer three very different and splendid tastes. It is a cheap and healthy dinner.