Alta Vista High School Named Model School

Alta Vista High School was named a Model Continuation High School for the fourth time this past week.

“It’s a real honor to be named a Model Continuation High School,” Alta Vista High Principal Bill Pierce said. “As a Model School, we are held up as an example, or model, of what a really great continuation high school looks like. We host visitations from teachers and administrators from other continuation high schools, as well as county and state-elected officials.”

The school was first named a Model School in 1999. Although Model School designation only currently lasts three years, it lasted for five years in 1999.

“We went through the Model School application and visitation process again earlier this school year and the results of the visitation were announced this week,” Pierce said. “The Model School application process is very much like the WASC process that LAHS is going through. There are 20 Quality Indicators, along with supporting data, that each school must meet or exceed in order to be considered.”

After reviewing applications sent in by schools, a committee of State Continuation High School Leaders grants visitations to schools that seem worthy of receiving the model status. During those visitations, if the committee validates everything that was reported in the self study, the school receives the status of Model Continuation High School.

“The rigor of the curriculum paired with an extraordinary teaching staff and exemplary support staff, makes AVHS the Model School that it is,” Pierce said. “Our personalized and nurturing environment, supported by our case management program and CHAC counselors, provides the kind of setting in which our students thrive.”